Session 8
Bacon Boss

The session began as the party recovered from the ambush in the hot springs by giant (medium) frogs. While combat is always dangerous, a nice bounty of frog legs was taken from killing the frogs. With full bellies and a restful night of sleep the PCs continued on through the Greenbelt to map out the area.

Searching the next day, the party came across a temple for Erastil long abandoned with the forest overgrowing the once grand holy site. Unfortunately, the PC’s were greeted with a grizzly bear looking demented look in its eyes. After several rounds of standoffs between the bear and the party a fight breaks out. The bear takes the party by surprise with just how vicious it is – quickly knocking several of the party out, while taking quite a bit of punishment itself. Finally, the attrition of the four party members attacking it brought the beast down – letting out a hauntingly human sigh as it fell, became an old man, then a skeleton, and then dust in the blink of an eye.

After a couple more days of travel the party runs into a boggard, who, through broken common secures a truce with the PCs and even offers some of his special salamander-fly soup. The group has a little trouble digesting this boggard delicacy, and get a bit queasy trying to digest it. Unable to effectively communicate, the party leaves the boggard and continues their exploration.

The next afternoon, the PCs came upon a huge boar lair and, surmising it is the home of the fabled Tuskgutter, prepare their own ambush. They dig a makeshift punji trap and await the beast. Using a combination of summoned animals and illusionary animals, the great boar falls for the groups deception, landing himself in the trap and racking up a ton of damage. After a couple of rounds the beast escapes and comes after the PCs, but by that time most of the damage was done and the boar fell with relative ease. The party beheaded the beast, took some meat from its corpse, and turned NE towards Oleg’s.

Session 7
Stealing Stags

The session began in the morning after the ambush by the chaneques. Walker notices a nearby heard of deer and seeks to capture a yearling to raise. Unfortunately, he hasn’t prepared the correct spell so decides to return the next day for another chance to capture the yearling. The party explores the rest of the day and Walker returns the next morning where he is able to calm the lead stag and capture a yearling to raise. It was named “Faunzie” by Walays, much to the chagrin of Walker – and the amusement of Andrei.

More exploring by the party lead to discovering a barbarian cairn where a ring of swimming is found. Another day the evil trapper’s body, the victim of a tree fall trap and possible torturing was found. After exploring the trapper’s temporary campsite, the PC’s decide to spend the night there. Unfortunately, the night was not restful as animals of all types circled the camp, leaving the PCs to stay up all night and keep their armor on.

The next day the party ran into a sleeping wyvern and while retreating, accidentally awaken it. Luckily, and unbeknownst to the party, it was an illusion perpetrated by two mischievous fey. Later that night the fey magically induced sleep on Andrei, only to have the entire party awake to the wyvern perilously close to them. After some quick thinking, the hoax was discovered and a truce was brokered between the party and Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tug.

Further exploring leads the party to a very inviting hot spring. Unfortunately the rest and relaxation found there is temporary as the PCs are beset by giant frogs. A short fight ensues and the frogs are handily beaten, but not before Tess is almost killed.

Session 6
Battle Break

The session begins as the party heads out to collect some fangberries that were requested by Bokken. Upon arriving in the shallow marshes where the fangberries grow, Walker points out that they are covered with nasty swarming chew spiders. Using teamwork, the PCs kept the spiders at bay while being able to get enough fangberries for Bokken.

After exploring more of the lands, the party returns to Oleg’s. A night of much celebration begins where some of the PCs decided to drink a tad too much – and Tess decided to start a brawl with Jhod. A very quick lesson in the form of a punch to the gut, throw down to the ground and a busted knee leaves Tess unconscious.

While this is going on, Walays decides to have a bard-off with the young bard who had been previously entertaining the crowd. Walays put on a clinic with a finale of alcohol and (with the help of Walker) flame induced fire show.

After the night had settled down, Andrei decided to discuss the internal struggle he’s had with killing the prisoner the party had captured and interrogated in Session 2. It seemed both Andrei and Jhod had something to get off their chest as Jhod discussed his fall from being a Paladin due to his over enthusiastic bringing of justice which led him to kill an innocent man.

The party used the next day to recover and then set off NNW into uncharted territory. After two days travel, they were ambushed at night by two Chaneques – one of which was able to knock Tess unconscious before being killed by Walays.

Session 5
Tricky Tartuk

The session began as the PCs recovered from the long battles of the previous session against the huge centipede and the mites.

The party explored the rest of the mite cavern, finding Old Sharptooth as well as a list of the spoils of war. Ready to be finished with this quest, the PCs camped out the night and returned to the Sootscale kobolds in the morning.

After being invited inside, the PCs were led to the altar room where they negotiated for Svetlana’s ring in exchange for Old Sharptooth. Once Old Sharptooth was safely in Tartuk’s hands, he declared that the PCs had defiled the idol with their fleshy human hands.

Quick thinking from Walays produced an illusory Old Sharptooth and the party were slowly exiting the altar room when Tartuk figured out the ruse with a detect thoughts spell. From then on it was an all out brawl with the 4 PCs on one side and 20 kobolds plus Chief Sootscale and Tartuk on the other.

The initial fight had the party holding their own with Andrei focusing on Tartuk and the rest of the party wading through the horde of kobolds. The tide turned against the PCs when Tartuk produced a wand of magic missile and began wearing down the PCs in order round after round. After felling Andrei, Walker tried to maneuver himself and whisper to Tartuk, only to be constantly swarmed by kobolds. Tess had her hands full keeping the rest of the party from falling themselves.

When things looked bleakest, Walays was able to fell Chief Sootscale and, after running out of magic missile charges, killing Tartuk. Seeing their leaders routed, the remaining kobolds surrendered and Mikmek negotiated the surrender of the Sootscale kobolds to the party.

Session 4
Mighty Mites

The session began with Tess and Walker unable to sleep very well, this time however Walker dreamt of the old oak tree that the party had seen in their previous travels. Full of life and strong, the old oak quickly rotted away and took the splintered shape it now looked like. Creatures the likes of which Walker had never seen poured out of the tree, consuming the entire hill it rested on.

Obviously upset by this nightmare, Walker convinced the party to return to the tree instead of going to Oleg’s as previously planned. Despite a thorough investigation of the land, Walker was unable to ease his mind. Given the PCs were close to some unexplored territory, they decided to do some extra exploration instead of returning to the trading post.

First they came across an old run down toll bridge which crossed the Shrike River. When no one answered the service bell they left some money and proceeded across, only to be interrupted by an undead man rising from the river. He identified himself as the toll man, Netties, and requested the PCs throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river so he may finally rest. After agreeing to honor his wishes, the heroes continued on their journey.

During the next couple days of exploration, the party came across a mite in a cage. While investigating, they met one of the Sootscale kobold guards named Nakpik. He led them to meet their leader, Tartuk, a purple kobold of unusual intelligence. With Walays’ quick wit and diplomatic skills Tartuk agreed to exchange moon radishes for fangberries and also requested the PCs help retrieve a totem to their god named Old Sharptooth from the mites which they are at war with. The party agrees and heads to the old sycamore tree where the mites live.

After quickly dispensing of several mites and freeing a captured kobold named Mikmek, a giant whiptail centipede rose from a cavern to attack. A rough battle ensued in which several of the PCs were close to death, but teamwork and the confident bravery of Andrei prevailed while the beast died. Realizing they may be outmatched, the PCs tried to retreat back out of the sycamore but were cut off from reinforcements. Another brutal battle ensued with four of the six combatants unconscious or unable to fight. While Tess made the killing blow, ever member of the party had numerous kills to their name. The caverns grew quiet as the session came to a close.

Session 3
Entering Exploration

The session begins with the party arriving back at Oleg’s after successfully killing the bandits at the northern Greenbelt camp and finding that three Brevoy guards have arrived at the request of Oleg. After a chance to get clean with a bath, the PCs talk to the head guard, a man named Kesten Garess, who thinks a mercenary named Falgrim Sneeg that betrayed him is working with the bandits and promises four masterwork weapons if he is captured alive, but only two if he is killed. During dinner, Svetlana asks Tess for a favor; Oleg has been working hard lately and she’d like to make him a special meal and if on their travels they find some moon radishes she’d love to get some. Oleg also introduces the PCs to a traveling paladin, Jhod Kavken, who has taken interest in the parties exploration.

After a solid night of rest, the party begins their exploration in the north east section of the Greenbelt and stumble upon the hut of Bokken, a alchemist of questionable sanity. He requests the PCs get him some fangberries if they happen to come across some in their adventures. Shortly thereafter, the party discovers some hunters who were hiding in tall grass and informed them that the bandits had bribed local hunters and trapped to attack the PCs.

Continuing exploring, the PCs fall victim to venomous trapdoor spiders, Walker mistakenly takes for a fall trap. After dispatching the spiders, the party discovers a hidden stash of loot beneath a large dead tree, a mine with precious metal deposits, a wyvern returning to its home in the morning, and a moon radish patch.

During one night in the woods, the party is ambushed by six bandits sent out specifically to kill the PCs. While the bandits were more successful than any time previous, they were still defeated – continuing to thumb their nose at the Stag Lord.

Having discovered that they are under geared for exploration in the forest, the PCs decide to return to Oleg’s in order to get some more essentials as well as drop off the moon radishes they have collected.

Session 2
Killing Kressle

The session opens with the interrogation of Happs Bydon, the second in command of the northern Greenbelt bandits. While exceedingly crude and vulgar, he understands who is in control and gives the party the information they request. The party learns that he follows Kressle, who is currently at a camp only a few hours ride from Oleg’s. They also learn of the mysterious bandit leader known only as the Stag Lord. Using Tess’ faith against her, he requests she promise that he will be released unharmed – which Walays and Tess agree to. Unfortunately for Happs, Andrei made no such promise and killed him after the interrogation was finished, causing strife between the party members.

Seizing on the tactical advantage, the PCs ride the horses that were seized from the previous fight and headed south towards the camp. The party arrives at the bandit camp at sunset and take the bandits there by surprise, again using a well placed entangle spell to keep the majority of the bandits immobile. While the fight was less one sided than the previous ambush, the 6 bandits and Kressle could not overcome the teamwork by the PCs. In the end Kressle was ended by a fear spell which caused her to expose herself in combat while trying to escape, allowing Andrei to finish her off. Unfortunately, one bandit did manage to escape into the deepening darkness.

The PCs loot the camp and spend the night in relative safety. Tess and Walker do not sleep easily at all, each struggling to get more than a few minutes of rest before tossing and turning some more. When the morning came, the party headed back to Oleg’s in order to rest up, get a bath, and sell some goods.

Session 1
Charter Call

The PC’s begin their tale at the Swordlord’s Rostov HQ. Each of them have answered the call by the Swordlord’s to explore and map out a section of the Stolen Lands. Given Andrei‘s father’s position as a Swordlord, the party was approved to explore the Greenbelt. After a night of drinking at the Lusty Unicorn, the PC’s set off for Oleg’s Trading Post in the morning.

After setting off early in the morning the PC’s arrived at Nivakta’s Crossing where the xenophobic guards dissuaded them from spending any time in the small town. Spending another day or so traveling the PC’s then found an abandoned fort where hunters and trappers have set up a small camp.

As the PC’s arrive at the fort they come upon three hunters who are about to be hanged for the charge of collaborating with bandits. Tess interrupted the execution, and with help from Walays, convinced the mob to let the hunters escape with their lives.

Following another day of travel the PC’s finally arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post and meet Oleg and his wife, Svetlana. After hearing about the extortion racket that the bandits were responsible for, the PCs began to plan an ambush for the bandits who were due to arrive any day to collect money for their ‘protection’.

Using a fouled wagon track, an illusory crossbow squadron, and a well placed entangle spell, the PCs made short work of the four bandits. Their leader was stabilized by Walker and tied up for later interrogation.


  • Map out the territory
  • Clear out the bandits
  • Find Svetlana’s wedding ring

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