Session 35

Owlbear Onslaught

The session begins as our heroes approach the huge owlbear’s lair. Walays uses the vial of stoneshape that was liberated from Nimbleshanks’ tower to close up the entrance a little bit in order to prevent the owlbear’s free movement through the mouth of the cave. Walker shifts into air elemental form in order to scout out the cave. The first room reeks of fetid meat and offal, covered with various fungi, including shriekers and violet fungi. The shriekers sense the presence of Walker and begin making an ear piercing screech, alerting the owlbear to Walker’s presence. Walker begins to withdraw but he is caught by the owlbear as he laws down a magical trap which causes the ground to become covered with spikes. The owlbear brutally slices into Walker and grabs ahold of him.

The screeching followed by the roar of the owlbear causes the party to run to the entrance, beginning the fight off balance. Babus grants the party haste while Andrei pelts the owlbear with beast bane arrows. Cut and bruised, the owlbear roars in pain and retreats deep within his cave. The party enters the lair carefully, and attack the plants that attack them. Walays has the tentacles of a violet fungi melt his flesh to the bone, leaving him weakened and injured. A shambling mound emerges from a side hallway in the cave and grabs onto whisper. Walker rushes in to help save his loyal companion, only to be crushed in the thick vine arms of the shambling mound. A swarm of ravenous centipedes cover the body of Walker, biting him all over his flesh. Babus covers Walker in a web to prevent the bugs from getting to him, while Tess faces her fear of large killer plants and slices the mound in two.

Signalling the fight is not over, the owlbear returns to face off against the invaders – our heroes. Andrei brings the fight slashing and cutting tough hide of the owlbear, but is thrown into Tess for his efforts, knocking them both over. Babus’ summons a dire boar to help absorb some abuse, as everyone rallies together to finally drop the owlbear.

Victorious, the party looks through the cave, finding a Kellid beastmaster with a gold ring of beastial friendship with a green hair inset into the middle. The rotting body of the owlbear’s mate guards two dead baby owlbears with a single owlbear still alive. Besides the dead mother owlbear are a dozen bodies of bandits, unsuccessful in their assault. The session and chapter ends here, with the Greenbelt finally succumbing the taming that has been brought to the land by the PC’s.



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