Rigg Nimbleshanks

Fey Quickling Psychopath


Rigg Nimbleshanks was first encountered by the PC’s in the abandoned elven keep. He used hit and run tactics to make life miserable on them all the while revealing to Andrei that he had killed his father many years ago and that he was going to finally kill the Old Beldame after he had finished with them. Rigg told the PC’s he had tortured her for her involvement around Piotr’s death and wished to finish the job.

Inside his personal tower the PC’s found the perfectly preserved full-faced scalps of over one hundred previous victims, each with their weapons nailing them to the wall. Included in this was three Aldori dueling swords, two bearing the marks of the men who died alongside his father and the other bearing his father’s mark. Many of these scalps had gold, gems, sewing kits, wetstones, and other miscellaneous items in them, as if he was using their lower jaw areas as makeshift storage areas.

The last thing the PC’s heard was him swearing revenge and vowing to get his queen to help destroy them for their insolence.


Rigg Nimbleshanks

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