Session 34

Spirits Summit

The session begins as the PC’s set out to further explore the southern regions of the Shieldlands, along the border of Mivon. Several days are spent on horseback, mapping out the area before Walker spies a giant slowly wandering to the northeast. The party decides to steer clear of the giant for the moment and map out the region outside of the giant’s purview.

The next morning our heroes decide that the giant is worth approaching, to see if its intentions are hostile, given all of the sightings being reported by hunters and trappers of the region. Walker and Whisper track the giant through the rain to a hilltop with a small circle of trees on top of it which the giant is using as a makeshift umbrella. The giant is caterwauling and sipping the last drops out of his jug of booze when Walays creates an image of the party approaching the giant with welcoming intent.

As the giant only makes noises of curiosity and doesn’t show too much aggression, Walays dismisses the illusion and Tess approaches him with her personal stock of ale – a small three gallon barrel as a peace offering. As the giant reaches out to get the bowl, Tess brushes her hand on his, causing him to be able to speak common for a bit of time. After some discussion the PC’s determine that the giant, Munguk, has been traveling east from the Slough to find a mate and harvest some blue wolf berries for more alcohol. He had met the trolls that the PC’s had just recently dispatched, but they wouldn’t let him have any fun with them so he moved on and was happy to hear they are gone now.

Munguk and the party part ways, wishing each other well. The next day as Walker is out scoutting the area ahead, he hears the giant roaring with anger and goes to investigate it. Munguk has crashed through a rotted bridge and is soaked while all of his stuff is going down the river. Frustrated, Munguk takes his greatclub and smashes the side of a small hovel before chasing his stuff down river. The PC’s finish exploring the region and decide it is time to head home to see to their kingdom responsibilities. While camping out, a strange roar catches Andrei’s attention, Babus instantly realizes it is the sound of a big owlbear and it sounds quite enraged. After owlbear passes by camp Walker decides to follow it while the rest of the party return to the newly finished Fort Voronkov.

Walker easily tracks the owlbear, as the ground is wet from recent rain and blood drips along the path – a sign of an injured animal. When Walker finally closes the distance he sees several spears embedded into the owlbear as well as just how huge the monster is – much bigger than he expected – another curiosity is that it is wearing barding.

As the rest of the PC’s return to Fort Voronkov, they see a disaster zone; bodies litter the streets, houses are on fire, the military has been broken, but in the middle of the mayhem stands an unknown figure, shouting orders and trying to bring calm to the scene. Andrei gets up to the stranger and realizes it is actually a childhood friend, Liliya, who has come from Brevoy and found herself caught in the middle of this tragedy. From what she can relay, lizardfolk had attacked the town and faced off with the military, only to have the owlbear strike in the middle of the brawl, leading to a breakdown of the line and chaos throughout the city. Everyone springs into action trying to help when Harriet rides up on horseback, clearly injured, and tells them that an owlbear had torn through Svetlanagrad earlier the previous day.

The rest of the next day is spent regaining control of the town. A broken, bruised, and mourning people gather to see their leaders standing in front of their damaged castle to tell them that this attack will not stand and that the beast that has done this will be hunted down and killed.

Our heroes gather up supplies and head out to the owlbear’s lair as the session ends.



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