Session 32

Babus Burns

The session begins as the Walker returns to the party from his scouting, letting them know that there is a barracks with two trolls up ahead as well as a trollhound cowering in the corner. The PC’s begin delving deeper into the ancient dwarven fort and they find a small, headless, humanoid body without limbs and guts splayed out on a table fit for trolls. Walker uses his bond with nature to calm the trollhound, who then wants to play fetch with him – but the object he is fetching turns out to be the severed head of Jubilost.

As the party explores into the cave that was hurriedly constructed by the trolls inside the dwarven fort, they come to a crossroads. Two trolls are playing “smash the boulder” and there is a two headed troll encircled with dismembered heads and talking to himself in Giant. Walays creates an invisible wall to delay the two trolls from interfering as Andrei and Tess seek to kill the two headed monstrosity. A short fight ensues in which Walker summons a large gorilla to assist in fighting while Tess and Andrei get up close and personal with the beast. During the fight, the two trolls begin to get suspicious the wall is fake and one breaches the illusion, causing Babus to put a pit at the feet of the two trolls.

Walays heads to the stockroom to find something flammable, Walker floats above the pit and rains down fire on the trolls, while the rest of the party regroups and heals up. After about a half a minute of searching, Walays finds a barrel of lamp oil and rolls it to the pit. Tess uncorks the barrel as Walays rolls it into the pit while Walker sets it on fire. The trolls ignite and burn for several rounds until the pit spell ends, allowing the weakened trolls to the surface. The two trolls were quickly dispatched but the length and number of fights have depleted most of the party’s power and they are beginning to need to retreat, unfortunately they spy a rock troll cautiously approaching them.

Babus springs into action by casting web and a pit spell in order to assist in the party’s retreat. As they run down the halls and back towards the entrance they hear a whoosh and realize that they just don’t have the ability to escape – so it is time to prepare for a final stand. Andrei is enlarged, given blur and has his weapon set ablaze as the rock troll and the leader of the trolls, Hargulka climbs on top of the table to look down upon the invaders into his home.

The final battle starts with a huge fireball thrown from the necklace of Hargulka, exploding the room where the PC’s stand ready for the onslaught. The explosion of fire catches everyone unawares, doing massive damage, especially to Babus who takes the brunt of the fireball – killing him outright. Two more fireballs rain down on the PC’s as Andrei takes the fight to the rock troll. Tess casts burning disarm to force Hargulka to drop his necklace of fireballs, and Andrei channel his desperation into a perfect stroke, cleaving the head of the rock troll clean off. Walays casts grease on Hargulka’s morningstar, forcing him to use only his still very potent claws. Walker summons lightning as Tess and Andrei close in to mob the troll. Tess is able to deliver the finishing blow after Andrei was able to sufficiently weaken the beast. It is then the rest of the party realized that the newest member to the group lies on the floor, smouldering.

The session ends with the PC’s having a bittersweet victory – and wondering if there is anything they can do to revive Babus.



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