Session 28

Babus' Beginning

The session begins as the month of March begins melting away the cold winter and a civil war within Brevoy sends hundreds of people heading south into the newly formed Shieldlands (as well as Varnhold). One such refugee, a talented Elven wizard known as Babus seeks an audience with the Shieldlands’ council. Babus has heard of the many adventures the party has seen and wishes to prove his meddle among them and, having heard rumors of a staff of spell storing on an island to the south, has a great idea where to start seeking an adventure.

Seeming like a friendly sort, the PC’s decide to allow him to come along and see if he’ll fit well with the group. Before any adventuring starts, however, kingdom duties require the party to head to Ubagugia in order to head off a potential problem with Tatzlford encroaching upon Ubagug‘s kingdom. Arriving at the boggard’s home, the guards pantomime disarming before being allowed to visit Ubagug the Fair. Tess, trying to bridge the language gap, extends her hand to grant the boggard the temporary ability to speak common. Andrei let’s the guard know they are sworn allies of Ubagug and does not travel anywhere without their weapons, as the Stolen Lands are dangerous and not for the meek or disarmed. The guard relents and brings the party into the throne room and an excited Ubagug hops off his grand throne to greet his allies – and tells the guards to fetch heaping bowls of horse fly soup to celebrate.

Everyone sits down at a long table to feast on horse fly soup and discuss Tatzlford’s encroachment. Walays uses a slide of hand to act as if he is eating it, while ridding most of the soup on the floor for the local wildlife to eat up, while Walker chokes it down hesitantly. Babus, never experiencing this “delicacy” politely eats the soup while trying to keep himself from throwing up. Once Tess has finished a good portion of her soup, Andrei mentions he’s already ate today and hands his bowl off to Tess – much to her dismay. Tess, not wanting to be rude, eats a second bowl which doesn’t agree with her and, feeling a bit sick, Walays sees an opportunity and orders another bowl for Tess. Once the third bowl is in front of Tess she begins turning green and, trying to bail out his new ally, Babus tells Tess that his familiar raven, Twig would really like to try the soup. The bowl is passed to Twig, who happily eats the still live horse flies from the viscous soup.

Getting down to business, Andrei informs Ubagug of Tatzlford’s mistake and offers to renegotiate the land, granting Ubagugia hot springs to the northeast. Ubagug, pleased that the Shieldlands have humbly come to him and admitted their error as well as offering recompense with a valuable resource for boggards agrees to the deal. He also tells them that the large influx of population are boggards that have been displaced as the M’Botuu tribe has begun conquering other boggard tribes in the Slough. Andrei inquires about how the boggards handle war when they must hibernate in the winter and Ubagug says that it is considered very dishonorable to kill any hibernating boggard, but that the dishonorable human bandits don’t abide by that.

Having finished their diplomatic mission, the party heads back to Tyg’s Landing in order to acquire a boat to sail down to Candlemere Island. As they set off, they notice several platoons of Mivonian troops headed north, presumably to the southern Brevic border in order to support Rostland in the war. Walays, feeling at home for the first time in awhile, deftly handles the small boat and safely navigates the waters, ending up at the mainland shore to the east of Candlemere Island in the evening. Walker, in air elemental form, and Twig head to scout out the island and see humanoid figures scurrying around the thick brambles that have choked the island. When they return, Twig tells Babus that the sounds he’s heard are those of the Will-O-Wisp, an evil orb of energy that feeds off the fear of sapient creatures. Wanting to get a better look at the creatures they had noticed, Walker goes back to the island and identifies them as an undead plant known as the Zomnt. He flies up to the crumbling tower, only to have fear grip him, causing him to distance himself from the spire. After regaining his composure he returns to the cavern, where he looks on the inside of the ruins, finding odd markings above the door frame. Satisfied with his scouting, he returns to the campsite the PC’s have created.

The session ends as the PC’s spend the rest of the night discussing how to best approach exploring the island and ridding it of the Will-O-Wisps and Zomnts in order to ease the fears of their townspeople.



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