Old Beldame

The Swamp Witch


“The Old Beldame” is a sorcerer who lives in a hut within a swamp. She is feared and rumored to eat children, though when the PC’s met her she denied those rumors.

They won her over with cake, and was temporarily the Royal Magister of the Shieldlands. When the PC’s sought Bonnek, the Old Beldame told her to not kill her lover, advice which was unfortunately ignored by the PC’s.

When the Old Beldame saw Walker wearing the armor of her now dead lover, she flew into a fit of rage and demanded the PC’s hand over one of their loved ones for her to kill as recompense. Obviously, this demand was denied and she left Tyg’s Landing swearing vengeance.

This is all that is known by the PC’s at this time.


Old Beldame

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