Liliya Orlovsky

Grand Diplomat of Shieldlands and Scion of House Orlovsky


Distant scion of House Orlovsky, Liliya grew up within Court where she very quickly became exceptionally competent at the Great Game of Houses with her charming smile and lovely singing voice. Her father was more of a merchant than a nobleman and as a result, he travelled frequently. He often threatened that he was going to marry her off to some boorish lordling one day, but this was an empty threat and both of them knew it as he distrusted far too many of the nobles in Brevoy. She began accompanying him on his travels at a young age where she soon gained a greater appreciation of her homeland … as well as a dislike of many of its tenets.

During one such expedition to Restov, she first met Andrei Voronkov, the future ruler of the Shieldlands, and found him attractive. This led to a whirlwind romance that ended only when their respective duties called them to other places, but both were disappointed that it could not go on. As a result of this, Andrei has been constantly opposed to his mother’s attempts at setting him up with other women since he is still pining after the beautiful noblewoman who he fell in love with before she vanished as abruptly as she appeared.

Now she is back in Lord Andrei’s life and has joined the leadership of the Shieldlands to serve as the new country’s Grand Diplomat. As to her relationship with Andrei? Well, now it’s become more complicated than ever but this time, everyone else can see what’s going on…

Meta Note: Liliya is Andrei’s Cohort, although he does not take her adventuring.

Liliya Orlovsky

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