Session 33

Perlivash'es Passing

The session begins as the PC’s regroup around their fallen comrade, Babus. All of our heroes know that death is almost always final and that any type of reincarnation is extremely rare. Spirits are low, but Walker does recall that the fey realm works in mysterious ways and Tiressia or Melianse may have some way to bring Babus back from the dead.

As there is nothing to be immediately done, the PC’s comb through Hargulka’s lair – finding many treasures, magic items, and materials that could be very useful for the burgeoning Shieldlands. They also find a map written on thylacine hide, but the scribbles are completely incomprehensible to the party. The PC’s decide to head towards Melianse’s grove and see what advice she can give about resurrecting Babus.

As our heroes camp for the night, Walays plays a song to call Perlivash to them. They discuss if resurrection is even possible and Perlivash tells them that it is, though it typically requires a wiling life to be given up for such a thing to work, and it also weakens the bonds between the First World and the material plane. That news turned the mood even more negative and they are prepared to admit that Babus has died nobly for the cause.

The party arrives at Melianse’s grove around noon, only to have her confirm basically everything Perlivash has told them. They ask her who would ever volunteer to die like that and Perlivash pipes up: he is. Perlivash explains that all of this time he’s been reminded that he could not safe Tyg and was looking for a way to truly contribute to his friends and this is that moment. Tess and Andrei react with shock and say they are unwilling to let Perlivash sacrifice himself for Babus and take the body of Babus back towards Tyg’s Landing with them.

Knowing that removing the body won’t actually prevent the ritual from occurring, so Walker and Tyg decide to spend the rest of the daylight drinking and enjoying some sweets. As the sun sets, Melianse sets up the ritual and as the top of the sun sets she signals to Walker that it is time – Walker ends Perlivash quickly. As Walker’s weapon cleanly kills Perlivash, he hears Perlivash’es voice echo through his head: “She is coming, and only you five can stop her”. The next instant the sun is rising from the east and Melianse is gone and Babus lies where Perlivash was.

Walays returns to Tyg’s landing to attend to his duties as Royal Ambassador, such as signing a mutual defense pact with Varnhold. Walker spends the next two weeks avoiding making contact with the group and instead tends to his duties and Melianse’s grove. Late into the second week of April, a group of Lizardmen approach the Shieldlands and request asylum. They claim that Vesket has become increasingly irrationally warlike and their ancestor Stisshak has been priming them for wars that seem unlikely to succeed.

The session ends as the party heads to the south west in order to map out the region near Mivon’s borders.



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