Session 31

Pit Pileup

The session begins as the PC’s catch their breath from the assault on Tatlzford by a trio of trolls. A downpour soaks the freshly broken ground of the newly established frontier outpost, but the Rezbin’s offer the party a respite from the rain in their humble abode.

Catching some rest, the party heads south to search out where the trolls appeared to come from. A day after setting out, the PC’s begin their search in earnest, though Andrei warns his allies that he believes he saw Nimbleshanks stalking them overnight. After many hours tracking the myriad of troll tracks, Walker is finally able to lead everyone to a cleverly build outpost caved into rock and partially obscured by the forestry. Babus notices that this appears to be a very old dwarven architecture and the party approached the area with caution. Andrei quietly approached the front door, hearing two trolls making quite a bit of racket. A third troll appears in the room and one of the original two go off up a stairwell.

Walays begins loudly playing his bagpipes, hoping to lure the trolls out and into the ambush the PC’s had set up. Unfortunately, the trolls were a little less than cooperative as they instead tried to attack the party through the arrow slits built into the side of the fortress. Andrei decides to step through the door and the fight is on.

The two trolls and our heroes begin trading blows. Sensing a tactical opportunity, Babus opens a bit between the two trolls, having one fall into it. Several trollhounds and two more trolls show up, only to have a trollhound and the two trolls fall into the pit. Walker buffs Whisper with an acidic bite, while controlling a fire sphere to harass the trolls. Walays provides fire support by using burning hands to scorch a trollhound and troll. Tess’ fiery sword also cuts through the tough troll hide and Andrei deftly steps between defend and offense to keep the enemies off balance.

After a bloodsoaked minute or so, all is quiet and the PC’s, feeling as though victory was theirs, began slowly exploring the fortress. Unfortunately, they hadn’t remembered to account for the regeneration of the trolls and trollhounds, as two reemerged from their false death, getting in a swipe on Babus before being killed once and for all. The session ends as Walker explores the abandoned fortress in the form of an air elemental and the rest of the party take defensive positions, awaiting Walker’s return.



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