Session 30

Troll Terror

The session begins as the party begins exploring the southwest reaches of their territory. Walker, in air elemental form and followed by Twig scout out the area ahead by air and notice a group (heretofore known as a “rend”) of trolls heading north-northeast. Fearing this may be some new encroachment by more malevolent “wildlife”, the party decides to ambush the rend.

A site which acts as a natural funnel is chosen by our heroes as the place to assault the six trolls. Twig is sent to be a lookout on top of a tree on a nearby hill so the PC’s will be able to buff up as the trolls approach. The signal is cawed out, and the party begins to spring their trap, but there are only three trolls to be found.

Walays creates an illusion of a helpless and hapless Jubilost lookalike who lures the trolls through the funnel. Andrei begins with a mounted charge, causing massive damage, but putting his horse in danger. The troll, absorbing the nasty collision, attacks Andrei’s horse, dropping it in one crushing blow. Babus begins controlling the combat terrain by tossing a pit under the feet of trolls. Tess, having buffed the party, engages the trolls in melee combat as well. Walker sends Whisper to attack the trolls, while summoning a fire elemental to prevent the trolls’ natural regeneration.

The ambush catches the trolls completely unawares, and the fight is swift and decisive, with our heroes completely crushing the trolls while taking minimal damage themselves. While checking the bodies, the party finds a partially burned map with an X over a spot that the PC’s assume to be Tyg’s Landing. After a few moments of consideration, the party decides that the other three trolls must be heading to Tatlzford in order to raid the encampment.

The party rides through the night, arriving in very early morning, just in front of an approaching thunderstorm. Through a torrential downpour, three more trolls breach the outer regions of Tatzlford, but the PC’s are ready for them. A combination of pit traps, lightning strikes, and the raw power of Tess’ and Andrei’s combined swordplay make short work of the invaders. Searching their bodies leads to the discovery of the other half of the crude map with an X positioned over what the party figures is Tatlzford.

The session ends with the PC’s deciding this was an intentional assault and they should head to the area where they originally spotted the rend of six trolls and find out where they came from and deal with whatever caused this incursion into the Sheildlands.



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