Session 29

Flying Follies

The session begins as the party decides it is best to create a beachhead on Candlemere Isle, with Walker helping cut down the brambles with magical efficiency. As the PC’s scout out the area, the Zomnt’s slowly begin accumulating around the border of where the brambles were removed. Much discussing as to what to do, a disembodied voice tells them to leave the isle or die here. Not respecting the warning, a Will-O-Wisp attacks Tess, though a protection against electrical energy spell prevents any damage from occurring. The party rally around one another, preparing for an assault. Time passes and nothing happens, so Walays and Walker decide to try and get to the tower where Walays is able to try and translate the writing.

Walker turns into a giant vulture and Walays hops aboard, turning both of them invisible. About half way to the tower, the invisibility wears off and a Will-O-Wisp chases them down and begins attacking them. Walker lands at the tower, allowing Walays to hop off and begin working on a translation, while Walker tries to defend the tower. The Will-O-Wisp, feeding off the fear that Walker is feeling, unrelentingly assaults Walker, leaving him nearly dead within 30 seconds. Walays runs back to help heal Walker and get out of the area, hoping he remembered enough of the symbols so that maybe Babus could help translate it.

Walker, with Walays riding on his back, quickly retreat from the tower – though the adrenaline and damage from the Will-O-Wisp caused Walker to come in for the landing a bit hot. Babus tries to get a spell off to slow them down, but needs to dive for cover before finishing the incantation – and Walker slams into the ground, causing both him and Walays to take some damage. Walays relays what the symbols looks like, and Babus is able translate what they say. Tess and Babus both recognize these are prayers to a chaotic god known as “Yog-Sothoth” who will one day awaken and help rid the world of order before it is destroyed.

Our heroes decide that they need to acquire a scroll of Dispel Chaos in order to cleanse this isle of its curse and nothing else can really be done for this region until then. They head home and inform the council of their findings before heading back out the next day to explore the southern reaches of the Greenbelt.

While out exploring the PC’s come upon an colony of lizardmen living in the lowland marshes at the mouth of the Murque River. Walays tells the Lizardmen they wish to see the King of the Lizardmen, but is told that they will only be allowed in if they disarm. Unwilling to leave themselves completely defenseless Andrei and Walays head into the village and are brought before the king. They are told that Candlemere Isle is a holy site for them and to not go near it again. King Vesket offers Walays and Andrei a small bowl from his crock, which Walays and Andrei both hesitantly eat. Vesket, pleased with himself that he was able to make Walays and Andrei eat human flesh and that they are now on an equal level with each other, is more willing to honor their requests. Walays, Andrei, and Vesket hash out the borders between their two territories and agree to honor their sovereignty. Pleased that Walays and Andrei were such respectable guests, Vesket offers Andrei his choice of one of his haram, which Walays helps Andrei politely decline.

The session ends as Walays and Andrei, their stomachs a little upset from their meal, and rejoin the rest of the group and figure out what to do next.



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