Session 27

Rostland Rebellion

The session begins as Tess invites her sister, Eve, and Nedda to Tyg’s Landing Fort for formal introductions. When Walays sees Nedda approaching, he excuses himself and disappears out of the rear of the fort. As introductions go on in the fort, Walays decides to go around town disguised as Grigori, the rabble rouser who appeared several days ago.

While visiting Tyg’s Landing Inn, Grigori hears the commotion coming from downstairs and heads down to investigate, where he discovers someone stealing his likeness. A classic “No I’m the real Grigori”, “No, I am!” standoff begins. Grigori decides to challenge the disguised Walays to a drinking contest, knowing the spell would wear off eventually and Walays’ ruse would be discovered. Once Walays’ disguise wears off, Walays claims Grigori compelled him to do this in order to undermine the Sheildlands’ leadership. Feeling as though the crowd is turning against him, Grigori calls down Scarlett to confront Walays. Walays keeps his cool and pretends he doesn’t know her, all the while blocking Grigori from casting a well times grease spell. Walays asks the crowd who is beginning to really heckle Grigori what should be done – and the chants begin of a duel. A frustrated Grigori pompously agrees, only to have Walays do a quick flourish with his rapier and tell Grigori that he’d been training with Andrei, unnerving Grigori.

At high noon the duel begins, each person is given special dueling rapiers and no magic use or magic items are allowed to be used. Tess and Walker check the scene for any magic use, and Tess keeps a Zone of Truth up to ensure the fight is fair. An entertaining duel for the crowd (though painful for Andrei) sees blows being traded and both Walays and Grigori being one hit away from being knocked unconscious. Grigori, uses his keener speed to get in the final hit – rendering Walays unconscious and beginning the celebration by telling the crowd the Shieldlands’ leaders cannot even beat him in a fight so they stand no chance protecting them from the vicious wilds just outside their door.

Recognizing Grigori is still in the zone of truth, Shieldlands’ loyalists, placed by Sootscale on orders from Andrei, start shouting questions at Grigori. When “who hired you” is heard, Grigori tries to lie, but finding himself unable to and not seeing an way out of his predicament, tells them he doesn’t know. With evidence that Grigori is in fact an outside agitator, Andrei orders the guards to seize and gag Grigori.

Kesten interrogates him as well as Scarlett, finding that Grigori was hired out in the Slough at Fort Drelev, where he also met Scarlett. He was paid handsomely to cause instability in the Shieldlands, though the purpose was not revealed to him. Grigori also offers the Shieldlands to buy out his contract, for the price of 5,000g. Scarlett admits she doesn’t actually know who the father of the child is, and has been going to previously lovers around that time and publicly embarrassing them in order to extract money out of them. A trial is held, and Andrei administers the punishment of death for Grigori’s crimes.

Walays also comes clean to Nedda, who is heartbroken at the news. Trying to smooth things over, he offers her a position in the newly formed Battle Crows regiment. She agrees, under the stipulation that she breaks up with him, who will grovel for her love, in the town square. Walays, knowing when to suck up his pride, agrees to her stipulation in order to prevent more potential damage and the future.

February comes and the council decides to infiltrate the tiny thieves guild that has popped up recently in Tyg’s Landing. The council also tells Svetlana to help inform the people that the PC’s will go to the “Isle of the Damned” that has had rumors circulating around the village about it. Walays decides to head to New Stetven to witness the trial of Ihvon Zupan. The King-Reagent declares that Ihvon is guilty and will be executed the next day at noon. The next morning Walays awakes to a massively increased number of guards and rumors circulating of a failed prison break by Aldori Swordlords. Walays goes to the execution site and watches the execution take place. The King-Reagent proclaims that traitors to the crown will be brought to heel and the punishment for traitors is death.

Walays gets out of the town and heads to Restov, passing several Brevic regiments along the way. The town of Restov is in complete revolt when he arrives. Walays heads to Nastya‘s house to get her to the safety of Tyg’s Landing; she accepts Walays’ request but Ihvon decides to stay and fight for his homeland. On their way out, Walays passes by the church of Gorum to see a large crowd gathered in front of it and a force of Gorum clerics clashing with the crowd. Rocks, bottles, and some incendiary devices are being hurled at the clerics who are trying to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed. Exiting the town, Walays tells all friendly passers by that there is refuge and safety to the south in the Shieldlands, though most brush him off, ready to fight for their homeland. Once Walays and Nastya arrive at Tyg’s Landing and informed the others of what they saw – a messenger raven is sent out to Mivon to inform them that war has come to Brevoy. The session ends as the beginning of march comes to the Shieldlands.



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