Session 26

Rabble Rouser

The session begins as Walker approaches his childhood home, seeking to bring his sister, Kimber, and his father, Jarlath, home. Kimber gives Walker a big hug, but tells him that their father died last winter of complications from disease and old age. They visit the grave site located behind the house and Kimber tells Walker that their brother Barrin has become an alcohol and is currently on a bender. Walker asks Kimber to leave with him, but Kimber still has loyalty to family and won’t just leave without Barrin, despite his being a mess. Walker tracks down where Barrin is and returns to Kimber’s home to wait for him. When Barrin arrives, a fight nearly breaks out, but Walker turns into a bear to intimidate him into giving up and returning to the Shieldlands to build a new life.

Jump over to Restov, Walays is attempting to bribe the guards to allow Eve to escape. Unfortunately, Walays did not immediately recognize his previous lover, Nedda, and she breaks down in tears. Walays quickly recovers and tells her that Eve is a princess due to be wed to a Pitaxian prince – the opportunity to help such a romantic story immediately persuades her to help – as long as Walays then takes her with him. Walays pays off the other two guards and then has Nedda distract two other guards, taking the opportunity to turn Eve invisible and switching disguises. As soon as Walays loses Nedda, he gets to a horse, but Eve is nowhere to be found. Figuring Eve will figure out her own way, he decides to return back to Tyg’s Landing.

Hana, Andrei, and her envoy continue to get to know each other, practice swordplay, and further work out plans for their desired alliance with the Aldori Swordlords. When Walays and Walker return, the council meets and determines to grant Mivon passage through the Swordlands under the condition that Jamandi approves of Mivon’s help. Andrei orders Walays to go with Hana to Mivon to help further establish relations. Svetlana informs Tess that Eve recently arrived at Svetlanagrad and requests to see her. Walker gets Kimber and Barrin a job on the fangberry farm, but Barrin begins to trying to drink again and Walker forces him to join the newly formed Shieldlands platoon: the Battle Crows.

A week goes by and, as fate (and poor plot writing) has it, Walays and Tess, with Eve in tow, are arriving back at Tyg’s Landing to someone up on a platform, a large crowd gathering around him. The large crowd attracts Walker’s attention as well, but the rabble-rouser casts Enthrall, absorbing everyone into his charms – except Tess. Tess, frustrated at what the rabble-rouser is saying, approaches him, only to be baited by the agitator. As Tess gets to him, he casts Charm Person and baits her into punching him. The crowd immediately turns hostile to Tess, who retreats to the fort and get Andrei. The crowd follows the agitator and a large protest forms outside of the gates of the fort. Andrei, seeing the need to restore order comes out to face the rabble-rouser – demanding he cease this disturbance and disperse at once. The damage already done to the Shieldlands’ leadership, the firebrand retires back to the Inn, with a promise that this isn’t over.


“newly formed Shieldlands platoon: the Battle Crows” – There are a hundred troops, which is more than a platoon (that’s about 30-40.) I would use the old Roman terms here and refer to this unit – the First Shieldland Regulars, by the way; “Battle Crows” are what they call themselves – as a CENTURY.

Good session, by the way. :)

Session 26

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