Session 37
Leadership Lows

The session begins as the PC’s settle down from adventuring to spend some more time in their burgeoning kingdom ruling the masses. Walker heads out to visit Bokken in order to get a potion of suggestion that will be used to convince his older brother Barrin to peacefully leave the Shieldlands in order to prevent arrest and execution. When Walker arrived at Barrin’s hiding place, he found Barrin more willing to leave that he thought he would be. Barrin showed some remorse for his actions, and, after Walker spiked a drink with the potion to “seal the deal”, agreed that he would leave peacefully. Barrin got together his meager possessions told Kimber he would miss her and, before leaving showed some emotion thanking Walker for what he’s done for him.

While Walker is out dealing a Fort Drelev envoy arrive with a cart containing the “dowry” for the marriage of Liliya and Andrei, with a letter congratulating the young couple and hoping the marriage happens soon.

On a walk in the outskirts of Fort Voronkov, Melikova come upon a scene with 5 men beating a lizardfolk on the side of the street. She decides to intervene, taking quite the beating for her troubles, but smashing the leader’s fibula as well as her loyal dog Butch quickly bearing down on them decide to withdraw. The lizardfolk, bleeding out from a dagger to the gut, is stabilized by Melikova who runs down to the area on Tuskwater Bay and fetch some other lizardfolk to help. Melikova discovered that the lizardfolk tend to keep to themselves as there is some a lot of suspicion and hatred directed towards them from the other denizens due to the attack on Fort Voronkov by their kin. Luckily, Melikova spoke their only language, Draconic, and was able to convince them she was there to help. After getting him into a hut, they tell her that while their medicine will heal him, a cleric would be much better – so Melikova runs to grab Tess. Melikova interrupts Tess, who is in a ritual ceremony where she gives herself ceremonial cuts on her arms, and let’s her know that help is needed. Tess and Melikova return to the lizardfolk housing, where Tess heals the injured lizardfolk. After some discussion, Melikova discovers the injured lizardfolk felt he should be able to venture throughout the town without fear, like any citizen and that the guards should protect him.

In another part of town, Babus sees a hovel smoking as a hue and cry is raised and a bucket brigade is forming. Babus snaps into action, quickly opening the door as cries are heard on the other side, to see a young human girl surrounded by smoke. Babus grabs her and takes her out, returning to find the girl’s parents. A grisly sight of both parents already burned on the bed greets him, with no evidence as to why the fire started. Not sure how to interact with children, Babus tries his best to calm her, eventually taking her to the inn for food as well as housing her in the guest quarters within the fort.

During the council meeting, Oleg let’s everyone know that there have been some inconsistencies in the kingdom tax collection records and he is trying to figure out what has caused them – as there is 10 BP worth of missing money. Regardless, a festival is planned for the first year anniversary of the founding of the Shieldlands.

Over the past few weeks Walays and Melikova have separately decided to keep an eye on Liliya, who until now has been quite guarded. Walays accidentally interrupts Liliya late at night while she is reading some documents detailing the goings-on within the Kingdom, and Liliya scrambles to go back to her room with a less conspicuous book. Melikova is also watching this scene, though has noticed the sound of quick small footfalls within odd areas of the castle. She spends several days trying to ferret where the noise is coming from, unsuccessfully.

Liliya and Andrei have spent the past few weeks getting to know one another and, in a clever play, Liliya tricks Andrei into revealing spring is his favorite month which she “graciously” decides to have the wedding during that season – delaying it for three-quarters of a year.

For the Anniversary celebration, all was going incredibly well until a drunken fight broke out between several hunters and millers – leading to an intense brawl between what ostensibly has become the original hunters and trappers from the stolen lands and the refugees and settlers with the town of Fort Voronkov. To make matters worse, several days after the celebration, the nobleman Edrist Hanvaki approaches the council to show that his brother has been kidnapped and he is being extorted for money. Edrist stresses his desire that the council takes care of this personally, for which Andrei agrees to before excusing Edrist.

What has previously been a kingdom growing strongly through the leadership of our heroes has quickly turned into feeling as though the region is balancing on the edge of a blade.

Session 36
Meeting Melikova

The session begins as the PC’s have just ended the threat from the giant Owlbear that had wrecked havoc on Fort Voronkov. Tess, unwilling to risk the single living offspring growing up to be a threat, quickly ends its life with a single slice from her sword. Andrei spends time cutting the head off of the beast to bring back home while Walker and Walays build a final resting place for the Kellid beastmaster up in the trees.

Upon returning to Fort Voronkov, our heroes find people exhausted, but hard at work still recovering from the damage dealt during the lizardfolk raid and Owlbear assault. A crowd gathers around while Walays (and a little help from Andrei) proudly tell the tale of the Owlbear’s demise. Spirits lifted, four men in chain shirts approach, beating the symbol of Varnhold – Tess slowly recognizes one of these men as Casimir Petrov, someone she has some history with. Andrei offers them guest quarters, though takes keen awareness that Casimir refers to Tess as “Tessandrial” much to her dismay. All of the PC’s except Babus begin helping around town, but Babus needs time to contemplate his death and subsequent rebirth.

A dinner is had in honor of the Varnhold guests, which is full of hardy, though more simple food on account of the fallout from the attack. Midway through the meal, Hana arrives with Melikova (with her faithful companion Butch) in tow. Melikova was picked up by request of the King of Mivon to be placed under the watchful eye of the Shieldlands as a favor by an ally. After a brief introduction, they join the meal. Afterwards, Hana discusses the war, which is going rather well as they’ve taken the majority of what was Rostland, though any further progress has been hard fought. Mivon and Rostland want the King of Brevoy to allow Rostland to gain independence, but are afraid if they cannot force his hand, they are afraid a war of attrition could end badly.

The next day, Walays searches out his sister, Kimber, to figure out where Barrin is. Kimber tells him that when Barrin returned to help rebuild the town, some of his militia comrades wanted to hang him for abandoning his post during the fight. Barrin escaped and is hiding out, with the help of Kimber. Walker talks to the other PC’s to find that the normal punishment for this crime is death, but exile could be considered as well.

While hosting now two guests from different kingdoms, Hana makes an announcement that, once the war is over King Raston of MIvon has told her that she will inherit the crown if the war is won and he will lead Rostland. Given this, her mind has turned to needing to find a marriage partner of royalty which would help grow Mivon and as she begins to hint that she would like to start a courtship with Andrei, her speech is interrupted by Andrei’s mother who states that Liliya – Andrei’s bride to be – is arriving. Liliya is introduced to the party by and everyone gets to know this stranger. Andrei had been writing Fort Drelev in order to secure allies and a marriage of the Baronesses sister was arranged. At this announcement, Hana slinks out, only to be followed by Walays. As she is about to leave Fort Voronkov, Walays confronts her – only to have her finally break her typically stonefaced resolve. She tells Walays she had loved him since they first met and to keep her informed about what is going on as well as keep her name alive in the castle in hoping to prevent the marriage. Walays relays this to Tess who confronts Andrei about the situation.

The PC’s spend the next week helping repair the damage from the attacks, slowly piecing the kingdom together – though bodies are exhausted and nerves are frayed as the year anniversary of the Shieldlands approaches.

Session 35
Owlbear Onslaught

The session begins as our heroes approach the huge owlbear’s lair. Walays uses the vial of stoneshape that was liberated from Nimbleshanks’ tower to close up the entrance a little bit in order to prevent the owlbear’s free movement through the mouth of the cave. Walker shifts into air elemental form in order to scout out the cave. The first room reeks of fetid meat and offal, covered with various fungi, including shriekers and violet fungi. The shriekers sense the presence of Walker and begin making an ear piercing screech, alerting the owlbear to Walker’s presence. Walker begins to withdraw but he is caught by the owlbear as he laws down a magical trap which causes the ground to become covered with spikes. The owlbear brutally slices into Walker and grabs ahold of him.

The screeching followed by the roar of the owlbear causes the party to run to the entrance, beginning the fight off balance. Babus grants the party haste while Andrei pelts the owlbear with beast bane arrows. Cut and bruised, the owlbear roars in pain and retreats deep within his cave. The party enters the lair carefully, and attack the plants that attack them. Walays has the tentacles of a violet fungi melt his flesh to the bone, leaving him weakened and injured. A shambling mound emerges from a side hallway in the cave and grabs onto whisper. Walker rushes in to help save his loyal companion, only to be crushed in the thick vine arms of the shambling mound. A swarm of ravenous centipedes cover the body of Walker, biting him all over his flesh. Babus covers Walker in a web to prevent the bugs from getting to him, while Tess faces her fear of large killer plants and slices the mound in two.

Signalling the fight is not over, the owlbear returns to face off against the invaders – our heroes. Andrei brings the fight slashing and cutting tough hide of the owlbear, but is thrown into Tess for his efforts, knocking them both over. Babus’ summons a dire boar to help absorb some abuse, as everyone rallies together to finally drop the owlbear.

Victorious, the party looks through the cave, finding a Kellid beastmaster with a gold ring of beastial friendship with a green hair inset into the middle. The rotting body of the owlbear’s mate guards two dead baby owlbears with a single owlbear still alive. Besides the dead mother owlbear are a dozen bodies of bandits, unsuccessful in their assault. The session and chapter ends here, with the Greenbelt finally succumbing the taming that has been brought to the land by the PC’s.

Session 34
Spirits Summit

The session begins as the PC’s set out to further explore the southern regions of the Shieldlands, along the border of Mivon. Several days are spent on horseback, mapping out the area before Walker spies a giant slowly wandering to the northeast. The party decides to steer clear of the giant for the moment and map out the region outside of the giant’s purview.

The next morning our heroes decide that the giant is worth approaching, to see if its intentions are hostile, given all of the sightings being reported by hunters and trappers of the region. Walker and Whisper track the giant through the rain to a hilltop with a small circle of trees on top of it which the giant is using as a makeshift umbrella. The giant is caterwauling and sipping the last drops out of his jug of booze when Walays creates an image of the party approaching the giant with welcoming intent.

As the giant only makes noises of curiosity and doesn’t show too much aggression, Walays dismisses the illusion and Tess approaches him with her personal stock of ale – a small three gallon barrel as a peace offering. As the giant reaches out to get the bowl, Tess brushes her hand on his, causing him to be able to speak common for a bit of time. After some discussion the PC’s determine that the giant, Munguk, has been traveling east from the Slough to find a mate and harvest some blue wolf berries for more alcohol. He had met the trolls that the PC’s had just recently dispatched, but they wouldn’t let him have any fun with them so he moved on and was happy to hear they are gone now.

Munguk and the party part ways, wishing each other well. The next day as Walker is out scoutting the area ahead, he hears the giant roaring with anger and goes to investigate it. Munguk has crashed through a rotted bridge and is soaked while all of his stuff is going down the river. Frustrated, Munguk takes his greatclub and smashes the side of a small hovel before chasing his stuff down river. The PC’s finish exploring the region and decide it is time to head home to see to their kingdom responsibilities. While camping out, a strange roar catches Andrei’s attention, Babus instantly realizes it is the sound of a big owlbear and it sounds quite enraged. After owlbear passes by camp Walker decides to follow it while the rest of the party return to the newly finished Fort Voronkov.

Walker easily tracks the owlbear, as the ground is wet from recent rain and blood drips along the path – a sign of an injured animal. When Walker finally closes the distance he sees several spears embedded into the owlbear as well as just how huge the monster is – much bigger than he expected – another curiosity is that it is wearing barding.

As the rest of the PC’s return to Fort Voronkov, they see a disaster zone; bodies litter the streets, houses are on fire, the military has been broken, but in the middle of the mayhem stands an unknown figure, shouting orders and trying to bring calm to the scene. Andrei gets up to the stranger and realizes it is actually a childhood friend, Liliya, who has come from Brevoy and found herself caught in the middle of this tragedy. From what she can relay, lizardfolk had attacked the town and faced off with the military, only to have the owlbear strike in the middle of the brawl, leading to a breakdown of the line and chaos throughout the city. Everyone springs into action trying to help when Harriet rides up on horseback, clearly injured, and tells them that an owlbear had torn through Svetlanagrad earlier the previous day.

The rest of the next day is spent regaining control of the town. A broken, bruised, and mourning people gather to see their leaders standing in front of their damaged castle to tell them that this attack will not stand and that the beast that has done this will be hunted down and killed.

Our heroes gather up supplies and head out to the owlbear’s lair as the session ends.

Session 33
Perlivash'es Passing

The session begins as the PC’s regroup around their fallen comrade, Babus. All of our heroes know that death is almost always final and that any type of reincarnation is extremely rare. Spirits are low, but Walker does recall that the fey realm works in mysterious ways and Tiressia or Melianse may have some way to bring Babus back from the dead.

As there is nothing to be immediately done, the PC’s comb through Hargulka’s lair – finding many treasures, magic items, and materials that could be very useful for the burgeoning Shieldlands. They also find a map written on thylacine hide, but the scribbles are completely incomprehensible to the party. The PC’s decide to head towards Melianse’s grove and see what advice she can give about resurrecting Babus.

As our heroes camp for the night, Walays plays a song to call Perlivash to them. They discuss if resurrection is even possible and Perlivash tells them that it is, though it typically requires a wiling life to be given up for such a thing to work, and it also weakens the bonds between the First World and the material plane. That news turned the mood even more negative and they are prepared to admit that Babus has died nobly for the cause.

The party arrives at Melianse’s grove around noon, only to have her confirm basically everything Perlivash has told them. They ask her who would ever volunteer to die like that and Perlivash pipes up: he is. Perlivash explains that all of this time he’s been reminded that he could not safe Tyg and was looking for a way to truly contribute to his friends and this is that moment. Tess and Andrei react with shock and say they are unwilling to let Perlivash sacrifice himself for Babus and take the body of Babus back towards Tyg’s Landing with them.

Knowing that removing the body won’t actually prevent the ritual from occurring, so Walker and Tyg decide to spend the rest of the daylight drinking and enjoying some sweets. As the sun sets, Melianse sets up the ritual and as the top of the sun sets she signals to Walker that it is time – Walker ends Perlivash quickly. As Walker’s weapon cleanly kills Perlivash, he hears Perlivash’es voice echo through his head: “She is coming, and only you five can stop her”. The next instant the sun is rising from the east and Melianse is gone and Babus lies where Perlivash was.

Walays returns to Tyg’s landing to attend to his duties as Royal Ambassador, such as signing a mutual defense pact with Varnhold. Walker spends the next two weeks avoiding making contact with the group and instead tends to his duties and Melianse’s grove. Late into the second week of April, a group of Lizardmen approach the Shieldlands and request asylum. They claim that Vesket has become increasingly irrationally warlike and their ancestor Stisshak has been priming them for wars that seem unlikely to succeed.

The session ends as the party heads to the south west in order to map out the region near Mivon’s borders.

Session 32
Babus Burns

The session begins as the Walker returns to the party from his scouting, letting them know that there is a barracks with two trolls up ahead as well as a trollhound cowering in the corner. The PC’s begin delving deeper into the ancient dwarven fort and they find a small, headless, humanoid body without limbs and guts splayed out on a table fit for trolls. Walker uses his bond with nature to calm the trollhound, who then wants to play fetch with him – but the object he is fetching turns out to be the severed head of Jubilost.

As the party explores into the cave that was hurriedly constructed by the trolls inside the dwarven fort, they come to a crossroads. Two trolls are playing “smash the boulder” and there is a two headed troll encircled with dismembered heads and talking to himself in Giant. Walays creates an invisible wall to delay the two trolls from interfering as Andrei and Tess seek to kill the two headed monstrosity. A short fight ensues in which Walker summons a large gorilla to assist in fighting while Tess and Andrei get up close and personal with the beast. During the fight, the two trolls begin to get suspicious the wall is fake and one breaches the illusion, causing Babus to put a pit at the feet of the two trolls.

Walays heads to the stockroom to find something flammable, Walker floats above the pit and rains down fire on the trolls, while the rest of the party regroups and heals up. After about a half a minute of searching, Walays finds a barrel of lamp oil and rolls it to the pit. Tess uncorks the barrel as Walays rolls it into the pit while Walker sets it on fire. The trolls ignite and burn for several rounds until the pit spell ends, allowing the weakened trolls to the surface. The two trolls were quickly dispatched but the length and number of fights have depleted most of the party’s power and they are beginning to need to retreat, unfortunately they spy a rock troll cautiously approaching them.

Babus springs into action by casting web and a pit spell in order to assist in the party’s retreat. As they run down the halls and back towards the entrance they hear a whoosh and realize that they just don’t have the ability to escape – so it is time to prepare for a final stand. Andrei is enlarged, given blur and has his weapon set ablaze as the rock troll and the leader of the trolls, Hargulka climbs on top of the table to look down upon the invaders into his home.

The final battle starts with a huge fireball thrown from the necklace of Hargulka, exploding the room where the PC’s stand ready for the onslaught. The explosion of fire catches everyone unawares, doing massive damage, especially to Babus who takes the brunt of the fireball – killing him outright. Two more fireballs rain down on the PC’s as Andrei takes the fight to the rock troll. Tess casts burning disarm to force Hargulka to drop his necklace of fireballs, and Andrei channel his desperation into a perfect stroke, cleaving the head of the rock troll clean off. Walays casts grease on Hargulka’s morningstar, forcing him to use only his still very potent claws. Walker summons lightning as Tess and Andrei close in to mob the troll. Tess is able to deliver the finishing blow after Andrei was able to sufficiently weaken the beast. It is then the rest of the party realized that the newest member to the group lies on the floor, smouldering.

The session ends with the PC’s having a bittersweet victory – and wondering if there is anything they can do to revive Babus.

Session 31
Pit Pileup

The session begins as the PC’s catch their breath from the assault on Tatlzford by a trio of trolls. A downpour soaks the freshly broken ground of the newly established frontier outpost, but the Rezbin’s offer the party a respite from the rain in their humble abode.

Catching some rest, the party heads south to search out where the trolls appeared to come from. A day after setting out, the PC’s begin their search in earnest, though Andrei warns his allies that he believes he saw Nimbleshanks stalking them overnight. After many hours tracking the myriad of troll tracks, Walker is finally able to lead everyone to a cleverly build outpost caved into rock and partially obscured by the forestry. Babus notices that this appears to be a very old dwarven architecture and the party approached the area with caution. Andrei quietly approached the front door, hearing two trolls making quite a bit of racket. A third troll appears in the room and one of the original two go off up a stairwell.

Walays begins loudly playing his bagpipes, hoping to lure the trolls out and into the ambush the PC’s had set up. Unfortunately, the trolls were a little less than cooperative as they instead tried to attack the party through the arrow slits built into the side of the fortress. Andrei decides to step through the door and the fight is on.

The two trolls and our heroes begin trading blows. Sensing a tactical opportunity, Babus opens a bit between the two trolls, having one fall into it. Several trollhounds and two more trolls show up, only to have a trollhound and the two trolls fall into the pit. Walker buffs Whisper with an acidic bite, while controlling a fire sphere to harass the trolls. Walays provides fire support by using burning hands to scorch a trollhound and troll. Tess’ fiery sword also cuts through the tough troll hide and Andrei deftly steps between defend and offense to keep the enemies off balance.

After a bloodsoaked minute or so, all is quiet and the PC’s, feeling as though victory was theirs, began slowly exploring the fortress. Unfortunately, they hadn’t remembered to account for the regeneration of the trolls and trollhounds, as two reemerged from their false death, getting in a swipe on Babus before being killed once and for all. The session ends as Walker explores the abandoned fortress in the form of an air elemental and the rest of the party take defensive positions, awaiting Walker’s return.

Session 30
Troll Terror

The session begins as the party begins exploring the southwest reaches of their territory. Walker, in air elemental form and followed by Twig scout out the area ahead by air and notice a group (heretofore known as a “rend”) of trolls heading north-northeast. Fearing this may be some new encroachment by more malevolent “wildlife”, the party decides to ambush the rend.

A site which acts as a natural funnel is chosen by our heroes as the place to assault the six trolls. Twig is sent to be a lookout on top of a tree on a nearby hill so the PC’s will be able to buff up as the trolls approach. The signal is cawed out, and the party begins to spring their trap, but there are only three trolls to be found.

Walays creates an illusion of a helpless and hapless Jubilost lookalike who lures the trolls through the funnel. Andrei begins with a mounted charge, causing massive damage, but putting his horse in danger. The troll, absorbing the nasty collision, attacks Andrei’s horse, dropping it in one crushing blow. Babus begins controlling the combat terrain by tossing a pit under the feet of trolls. Tess, having buffed the party, engages the trolls in melee combat as well. Walker sends Whisper to attack the trolls, while summoning a fire elemental to prevent the trolls’ natural regeneration.

The ambush catches the trolls completely unawares, and the fight is swift and decisive, with our heroes completely crushing the trolls while taking minimal damage themselves. While checking the bodies, the party finds a partially burned map with an X over a spot that the PC’s assume to be Tyg’s Landing. After a few moments of consideration, the party decides that the other three trolls must be heading to Tatlzford in order to raid the encampment.

The party rides through the night, arriving in very early morning, just in front of an approaching thunderstorm. Through a torrential downpour, three more trolls breach the outer regions of Tatzlford, but the PC’s are ready for them. A combination of pit traps, lightning strikes, and the raw power of Tess’ and Andrei’s combined swordplay make short work of the invaders. Searching their bodies leads to the discovery of the other half of the crude map with an X positioned over what the party figures is Tatlzford.

The session ends with the PC’s deciding this was an intentional assault and they should head to the area where they originally spotted the rend of six trolls and find out where they came from and deal with whatever caused this incursion into the Sheildlands.

Session 29
Flying Follies

The session begins as the party decides it is best to create a beachhead on Candlemere Isle, with Walker helping cut down the brambles with magical efficiency. As the PC’s scout out the area, the Zomnt’s slowly begin accumulating around the border of where the brambles were removed. Much discussing as to what to do, a disembodied voice tells them to leave the isle or die here. Not respecting the warning, a Will-O-Wisp attacks Tess, though a protection against electrical energy spell prevents any damage from occurring. The party rally around one another, preparing for an assault. Time passes and nothing happens, so Walays and Walker decide to try and get to the tower where Walays is able to try and translate the writing.

Walker turns into a giant vulture and Walays hops aboard, turning both of them invisible. About half way to the tower, the invisibility wears off and a Will-O-Wisp chases them down and begins attacking them. Walker lands at the tower, allowing Walays to hop off and begin working on a translation, while Walker tries to defend the tower. The Will-O-Wisp, feeding off the fear that Walker is feeling, unrelentingly assaults Walker, leaving him nearly dead within 30 seconds. Walays runs back to help heal Walker and get out of the area, hoping he remembered enough of the symbols so that maybe Babus could help translate it.

Walker, with Walays riding on his back, quickly retreat from the tower – though the adrenaline and damage from the Will-O-Wisp caused Walker to come in for the landing a bit hot. Babus tries to get a spell off to slow them down, but needs to dive for cover before finishing the incantation – and Walker slams into the ground, causing both him and Walays to take some damage. Walays relays what the symbols looks like, and Babus is able translate what they say. Tess and Babus both recognize these are prayers to a chaotic god known as “Yog-Sothoth” who will one day awaken and help rid the world of order before it is destroyed.

Our heroes decide that they need to acquire a scroll of Dispel Chaos in order to cleanse this isle of its curse and nothing else can really be done for this region until then. They head home and inform the council of their findings before heading back out the next day to explore the southern reaches of the Greenbelt.

While out exploring the PC’s come upon an colony of lizardmen living in the lowland marshes at the mouth of the Murque River. Walays tells the Lizardmen they wish to see the King of the Lizardmen, but is told that they will only be allowed in if they disarm. Unwilling to leave themselves completely defenseless Andrei and Walays head into the village and are brought before the king. They are told that Candlemere Isle is a holy site for them and to not go near it again. King Vesket offers Walays and Andrei a small bowl from his crock, which Walays and Andrei both hesitantly eat. Vesket, pleased with himself that he was able to make Walays and Andrei eat human flesh and that they are now on an equal level with each other, is more willing to honor their requests. Walays, Andrei, and Vesket hash out the borders between their two territories and agree to honor their sovereignty. Pleased that Walays and Andrei were such respectable guests, Vesket offers Andrei his choice of one of his haram, which Walays helps Andrei politely decline.

The session ends as Walays and Andrei, their stomachs a little upset from their meal, and rejoin the rest of the group and figure out what to do next.

Session 28
Babus' Beginning

The session begins as the month of March begins melting away the cold winter and a civil war within Brevoy sends hundreds of people heading south into the newly formed Shieldlands (as well as Varnhold). One such refugee, a talented Elven wizard known as Babus seeks an audience with the Shieldlands’ council. Babus has heard of the many adventures the party has seen and wishes to prove his meddle among them and, having heard rumors of a staff of spell storing on an island to the south, has a great idea where to start seeking an adventure.

Seeming like a friendly sort, the PC’s decide to allow him to come along and see if he’ll fit well with the group. Before any adventuring starts, however, kingdom duties require the party to head to Ubagugia in order to head off a potential problem with Tatzlford encroaching upon Ubagug‘s kingdom. Arriving at the boggard’s home, the guards pantomime disarming before being allowed to visit Ubagug the Fair. Tess, trying to bridge the language gap, extends her hand to grant the boggard the temporary ability to speak common. Andrei let’s the guard know they are sworn allies of Ubagug and does not travel anywhere without their weapons, as the Stolen Lands are dangerous and not for the meek or disarmed. The guard relents and brings the party into the throne room and an excited Ubagug hops off his grand throne to greet his allies – and tells the guards to fetch heaping bowls of horse fly soup to celebrate.

Everyone sits down at a long table to feast on horse fly soup and discuss Tatzlford’s encroachment. Walays uses a slide of hand to act as if he is eating it, while ridding most of the soup on the floor for the local wildlife to eat up, while Walker chokes it down hesitantly. Babus, never experiencing this “delicacy” politely eats the soup while trying to keep himself from throwing up. Once Tess has finished a good portion of her soup, Andrei mentions he’s already ate today and hands his bowl off to Tess – much to her dismay. Tess, not wanting to be rude, eats a second bowl which doesn’t agree with her and, feeling a bit sick, Walays sees an opportunity and orders another bowl for Tess. Once the third bowl is in front of Tess she begins turning green and, trying to bail out his new ally, Babus tells Tess that his familiar raven, Twig would really like to try the soup. The bowl is passed to Twig, who happily eats the still live horse flies from the viscous soup.

Getting down to business, Andrei informs Ubagug of Tatzlford’s mistake and offers to renegotiate the land, granting Ubagugia hot springs to the northeast. Ubagug, pleased that the Shieldlands have humbly come to him and admitted their error as well as offering recompense with a valuable resource for boggards agrees to the deal. He also tells them that the large influx of population are boggards that have been displaced as the M’Botuu tribe has begun conquering other boggard tribes in the Slough. Andrei inquires about how the boggards handle war when they must hibernate in the winter and Ubagug says that it is considered very dishonorable to kill any hibernating boggard, but that the dishonorable human bandits don’t abide by that.

Having finished their diplomatic mission, the party heads back to Tyg’s Landing in order to acquire a boat to sail down to Candlemere Island. As they set off, they notice several platoons of Mivonian troops headed north, presumably to the southern Brevic border in order to support Rostland in the war. Walays, feeling at home for the first time in awhile, deftly handles the small boat and safely navigates the waters, ending up at the mainland shore to the east of Candlemere Island in the evening. Walker, in air elemental form, and Twig head to scout out the island and see humanoid figures scurrying around the thick brambles that have choked the island. When they return, Twig tells Babus that the sounds he’s heard are those of the Will-O-Wisp, an evil orb of energy that feeds off the fear of sapient creatures. Wanting to get a better look at the creatures they had noticed, Walker goes back to the island and identifies them as an undead plant known as the Zomnt. He flies up to the crumbling tower, only to have fear grip him, causing him to distance himself from the spire. After regaining his composure he returns to the cavern, where he looks on the inside of the ruins, finding odd markings above the door frame. Satisfied with his scouting, he returns to the campsite the PC’s have created.

The session ends as the PC’s spend the rest of the night discussing how to best approach exploring the island and ridding it of the Will-O-Wisps and Zomnts in order to ease the fears of their townspeople.


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